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Books such as “Jungle of the Soul” are the bandages of bleeding and aching hearts. They are truly literary gems that can elegantly adorn the souls of any reader,...

Liliana Moldovan

Have you ever wondered how much suffering, hope, pain, or love can fit in a human soul? Have you ever thought about the will and power that can hide inside a woman’s heart, one who has managed to discover herself and fight for her dreams? Have you ever imagined what the heart of a young woman, who was on the ridge between life and death, at the edge between despair and bliss, looks like?
The heart of our author is full of scars and painful memories that left their marks way too early, in a small village in Romania. That’s where little Roxana witnessed unbelievable events that tarnished her childhood and forced her to run away from home. It is the heart of a teenager who became a mother much too soon, and who discovered that life and love are full of traps that can lure you in… from which you can only escape using your strengths, and convictions.
Roxana’s life was a rollercoaster of ups and downs, a mixture of good and bad decisions, a labyrinth of light and shadows. It’s the life of a woman with angel wings, who was born in 1985, has died, and was born again in 2009. But she has truly started to live again in 2017 when she discovered that there is a life after disability. That’s when she learned that no matter how hostile life can seem at times, or how heavy the burdens that you have to bear on your shoulders are, there’s always a slither of hope and a guardian angel that will look after you.

Roxana Dobrică

There’s no doubt that the author of this book had the power to see beyond her disability. She gathered all her spiritual and physical resources, and she used all her strengths to move on. After she overcame her long convalescence and she aired out the heavy gray fumes of depression that were suffocating her, Roxana decided to fight for her and her son’s life. Accepting her new reality of being a disabled individual, Roxana managed to outdo herself by becoming an athlete, a model, a skilled motivational speaker, and a gifted writer.
By reading her life story, you will discover that the accident that happened when she was only 24, had completely changed her destiny. The rebellious and lively young woman woke up one day in a hospital bed only to learn that she’ll never walk again. The sock was tremendous, her pain knew no bounds, and her sadness went beyond human limits. And yet Roxana had the power to overcome them all. She reinvented herself and she learned to love her life like never before. Even more so, she grew wings and made cycling her life’s purpose, becoming a renowned professional athlete.
Her book is not remarkable for her high literary value, but for its blunt realism intertwined with a genuine talent for storytelling. It’s an autobiography that was born after a long and beautiful process of self-discovery and self-healing. It’s a book made for all the women who ever felt overwhelmed by the hardships of life. It is also a book for all the people who survived unendurable tragedies but never gave up or resigned and instead, they chose to bravely follow their path and look boldly ahead, for what’s to come.

Roxana dared to put her life on paper, giving readers the privilege to “browse” her soul and discover her most intimate thoughts and experience alongside her trials and fears she faced. It’s not easy to present your whole life to the world, and it’s a real act of courage to include pages from your personal diary in a book. But, when you know that the book can heal and mend the souls of young people who’ve been through hell and back, then the literary effort is meaningless. Books such as “Jungle of the Soul” are the bandages of bleeding and aching hearts. They are truly literary gems that can elegantly adorn the souls of any reader, regardless of who they are and their life experiences!

Liliana Moldovan

„Roxana invites you to experience the trials she’s been through, the fears that haunted her every waking hour, the pain that never went away while at the same time sharing her triumphs. The Jungle of the Soul is a unique story that will completely change how you perceive and appreciate your life”. This book speaks of Roxana’s suffering, pain, and struggles and if you wish to know all about Roxana’s life you can buy the book directly on Amazonhttps://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B08W3BGGYB/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i0

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